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After launching our initial offerings in 2012 with about 100 students, GIIM is primed to have well over 1,000 candidates (IT and non-IT) participating in programs this year. Enrollments are growing exponentially since we expanded our successful face-to-face programs with our asynchronous web program delivery.



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As you view the flight of the starling birds in the video below, think about the implications it has on your organization.  In addition to the leadership and organizational harmony that is apparent, consider the underlying communications/trust, demonstrable value and power in working cohesively, governance/rules, collaboration/partnership, and the locus of power and cultural synchronization that are ALL fundamental to their success.  These are also the attributes of an effective/efficient IT-business relationship that are essential in today's dynamic environment driven by the digital transformation; they are the focus of the programs provided by GIIM.


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