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GIIM Objective

After launching our initial offerings in 2012 with about 100 students, GIIM is primed to have over 1,000 candidates participating in programs this year.


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- A comprehensive set of 32 IT Management Certificates.



- Courses are taught by an international team of over  

     250 prominent academics & executives, providing a

     balanced perspective of leading professors from

     multiple universities and expert practitioners.



- It is our affiliates (faculty & collaborating organizations /        universities) and adherence to accreditation      

     standards that has established our credibility      

     and brand.



- Programs for IT & non-IT executives from entry level to        C level. The sweet spot for GIIM Certificates are IT    

     professionals with 10+ years of experience.



Scalable, and flexible/personalized courses, certificates,

     seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and

     schedules, focusing on the foremost practical

     approaches for managing opportunities to leverage IT


32 IT Management Certificates
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