Managers Need To Know How To

Management Competencies
  • Leverage IT for demonstrable business value
  • Prepare for the evolving technical, business/industry, & social landscape/ecosystem
  • Establish effective strategic, tactical and operational IT governance processes
  • Develop a business-IT investment plan, with options; reconcile how these alternatives are assessed and allocated resources
  • Leverage current and emerging IT trends for industry optimization (e.g., financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, government, manufacturing, transportation)
  • Drive innovation and entrepreneurship; apply frameworks of best practices that derive competitive advantage
  • Effectively manage change and its associated risks (within the business, IT, & external partners)
  • Prepare a scalable strategy and associated plans to meet capacity & business/industry/environmental demands
  • Implement effective Human Resource initiatives
  • Anticipate sourcing strategies; considerations for insourcing (hiring, training, motivating) or outsourcing (e.g., Capex vs Opex, build a facility, risk evaluation, onshore/near shore/far shore, vendor selection)
  • Build optimal operational and technical plans in harmony with the strategic business plans and growth initiatives
  • Manage emerging technologies; what are they and how can they be leveraged for competitive advantage
  • Plan the right team and organizational/reporting structure
  • Develop and groom IT staff to take on more management responsibilities
  • Lead & manage initiatives to ensure that all committments are attained
  • Enhance client & vendor/service provider alignment; strategic, tactical and operational governance, and contract negotiations
  • Establish a partnership with the business and strategic external partners
  • Ensure effective communications within and across the organization
  • Measure and assess ITs contribution to the business (e.g., ROI, TCO, TVO, Balanced Scorecard); IT financial management
  • Improve key IT management processes (e.g., analytics & reporting, security, continuity, capacity planning & availability, service levels, project management, problem management, procurement, information assurance, budgets, people management)



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