GIIM participants have access to recognized leaders from academia, management consulting, and IT/business practitioners from around the globe. The certificates endorsed by the worlds largest IT management associations, as well as our many corporate and academic affiliates are indicative of the quality and value of a GIIM certificate.


Comments From Some Previous Candidates

"The classes prepared me for significantly increased responsibilities in my company.  Within 2 years of completing the courses I was responsible for strategically critical areas of our global technical infrastructure."

- John Murphy, Director Deutsche Bank

"Working in a professional services organization, the program gave me skills that were applicable from day one. Whether it was dealing with strategic programs, project management, financial management, or technology issues, the classes were all relevant and helped accelerate my career progression."

-Tony Politano, Senior Director, Oracle Corporation and author

"My new found Project Management, Financial Control, and Information Technology Management skills enable me to run strategic initiatives more effectively."

- Stanley Kules, Vice President, the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

"Upon completing the classes I was promoted to Director of the Information Technology Support Directorate where I managed 5 divisions staffed with 142 IT professionals providing the full suite of IT applications and support services and was responsible for $100M+ budget."

- John J. Tugman, Vice President, EPS Network Solutions

"The courses and leadership under Jerry allowed me to transition from the corporate world into the academic world. His IBM experience and connections with IT leaders from around the world were invaluable in developing a research stream that not only resulted in my Ph.D. dissertation, but several co-authored articles over the years. Luftman's guidance and mentoring have allowed me to pursue my goal of a career in academia and still maintain a consulting practice on the side"

- Dr. Raymond Papp, Associate Professor, The University of Tampa

"With the knowledge, confidence, and support that I received from the courses I was able to grow my company by seeking out strategic partnerships. This allowed me to participate in an IPO and created an entirely new career path that would not have been possible before the program."

- Ken Harney, Director, the Burgiss Group

"Having the opportunity to work in several very large and very different Fortune 500 companies as an IT professional (and as a women), I can flat out tell you that I did not have the right skills in place early in my career to help me meet my career objectives. My Information Systems Undergraduate Degree did not prepare me for what I needed to know even 10 years into my job. I was stalling out as a First Line Manager and was struggling as a woman in a man's field as well. I found what I was missing in taking my career to the next level with the classes. It ingrained in me the need to understand the business and to personally take hold of my own career with what I learned and experienced, and to get to know as many people by leveraging those skills, and managing my relationship better, which indeed led me to find the right mentors to guide me on my path. I can say with all sincerity, I would not be where I am today without programs like GIIM."

- Catherine M. White, Technology Director, Risk Technology at JPMorgan Chase

"As a senior management consultant, former CIO, and academic, my course experience has exceeded my expectations with its broad coverage of subject matter essentials for the effective management of IT organizations in the 21st century. Graduates of GIIM are exposed to real-world problems in IT strategy and organization management that must be addressed through the application of a wide variety of analysis frameworks, business planning techniques and core technology courses that will serve them well in their current and future workplaces. Graduates are prepared to face real-world business and IT challenges where I find in few other academic or commercial programs.


Jerry Luftman, as founder and Executive Director of GIIM brings world-class depth of experience as a senior practitioner at IBM, senior management consultant, and academic to the program and breathes life into the types of problems and exercises posed to students. His deep practical experience working at CxO levels in many different industries and his ground-breaking research in the area of strategic alignment of business and IT enables Dr. Luftman to bring current insights to the classroom environment to the benefit of his students."

- Elby Nash, Senior Management Consultant Cognizant

"Today’s market is ultra-competitive. You need an edge if you want to stand out. Completing the courses in the program has given me that distinction. The IS management classes better prepared me with a well-rounded focused education experience in strategic information technology management and leadership."

- Donald E. Brown, Executive, Prudential

“Jerry is a renowned expert in information technology and business alignment and I've benefited tremendously by his counsel, leadership, insights and applied experience in this key area. Dr. Luftman's experience combines the strengths of practitioner, consultant, and academic. His framework for assessing IT-business alignment maturity is considered key in helping companies around the world understand, define, and scope an appropriate strategic planning direction that leverages Information Technology. Dr. Luftman continues to publish leading research and his GIIM program is making a significant contribution to individuals and companies around the globe. He is an invaluable reference in my role as an IT executive.”

- Ken Denno, Sales Director, Oracle Corporation

"The courses have provided me with the concepts, methods, and tools to use in my career. The program gave me a greater understanding of the Strategic Alignment between Information Technology and Business. The focus on strategy, Business Process Management, and Technology Fundamentals gave me the ideal landscape to further my career. The mix of classes provided me with a unique mixture of Business Acumen with Innovation through the use of Technology.  My experience with the faculty was excellent. I would recommend the program to Executives, Managers, and those interested in furthering their understanding of strategy, information technology, and business. The faculty in his new independent initiative are top notch in the industry."

- Chris Colla, Director of Business Process Management
Logistics and Supply Chain, Sharp Electronics Corporation

Target Participants


From our Client Organizations & Affiliates

“Our company has found GIIM to be an invaluable resource for providing our business and IT management with a more flexible, lower-cost, higher-quality, custom-tailored IT education alternative than our local universities".



"Our association has found GIIM courses to be a highly-flexible and cost-effective, value-added offering to our membership. We also especially value the added visibility our organization gains with the co-branded course completion certificates that GIIM awards to our member graduates".



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