Flexible Delivery & Pricing

GIIM works with its affiliates to develop a plan that is competitive in the marketplace and fits their/your strategy, objectives/requirements, capabilities, and culture.


Flexible Schedule



Collaborating with GIIM affiliates includes deriving a convenient schedule and delivery model. Each course (within the 4-course certificate) can be delivered:


  1. face-to-face

  2. web

  • ​​30 1-hour asynchronous modules; 30 hours per course
  • 40 hours of synchronous online typically 20 2-hour modules (like 1/face-to-face but online)

  3. blended/hybrid/combination of web and face-to-face 

  • supplements the GIIM web (2 above) with local faculty prepared by GIIM to facilitate/mentor synchronous (face-to-face or online) class discussions & projects

  • we suggest supplementing the 30-hours of asynch online with 10-hours (5 2-hour face-to-face meetings ) of synchronous classes







  • be part of one of GIIMs 32 4-course certificates:
    • usually taken over a 6 month period
    • with each 30-40 hour course typically scheduled over a 4 day period  based on location
    • customized to meet the specific demands of the group/cohort
    • taught by an international team of over 250 prominent academics and practitioners
    • at the completion candidates will receive a GIIM Graduate Certificate
    • delivered face-to-face at the cohort location (or via the web or combination  of web and face-to-face)



  • be held with candidates from other geographies



  • include some required preparation comprised of initial reading material, webcasts, and assignments that must be completed prior to the first session


  • provide post coursework under the guidance of a faculty mentor that applies the course concepts to the attendees organization



  • be scaled to shorter programs/seminars/workshops/events



About Us


Collaborating with GIIM affiliates includes deriving a dynamic pricing/tuition/financial model. Our pricing is contingent on several considerations including the:

  • delivery approach (e.g., venue, face-to-face, web, schedule)


  • competitiveness of fees/tuition in the geography (e.g., affordability, culture, audience, objectives)


  • availability and location of the required/requested faculty


  • number of expected attendees

While we work with our affiliates to derive a viable financial model based on the above, the following  is what GIIM typically receives ($US) for each course conducted in North America and Western Europe:

  • $2,500 per student per course; $10,000 for the 4-course certificate
  • Corporate/organizational programs: $40,000 per course for up to 30 candidates/students



GIIM works with its affiliates to derive the most viable delivery and financial models





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