FAQs From Individual/Independent                                Candidates

The following are answers to questions from individuals/people who are NOT part of a GIIM affiliate group

  1. Can I take the courses and pass the certificate/certification without being part of a GIIM group/affiliate (e.g., company, management associations, university, other organization)?

Depending on where you are located, GIIM will connect you with one of our local affiliates who can help you. Click this sentence to send us an email letting us know where you reside, to have someone contact you.

You would also be eligible to receive the certifications described on our homepage.

  1. How much does it cost?

Click this sentence and look at the bottom of the link.


  1. What are the admissions requirements?

This depends on several considerations including:


  1. What are the course requirements for the certificate?
  • Each certificate/certification requires passing the examination provided at the end of each of the four (4) respected certificate courses. 
  • Each course is 30-40 hours of class time, depending on the delivery model.


  1. How long is the program?
  • If you are doing it asynchronously online, it is self-paced.
  • If you are doing it face-to-face or blended, it depends on the meeting schedule derived by the GIIM affiliate.


  1. Is it fully online? (Courses and exams?)


  1. Do I need to attend courses or can I just take the exam?

It is highly unlikely that you would pass the exams without first taking each of the courses (or perhaps the equivalent of the courses from a Master’s or Ph.D. Degree in Information Systems/Management; or experience as a CIO or management/business consultant); hence you would need to take the 4-courses prior to taking the exams (1-exam for each of the 4-courses).


  1. Are there ways I can prepare for the exam alone without going to courses?

See the response in 7 above. We are considering creating a certification exam preparation course.


  1. How many exams must I pass?  

There are four (4) exams; 1 exam for each of the 4 courses.


  1. What type of examination is required?

The exam differs based on the delivery model:

  • Asynchronous online: multiple choice questions (200+ questions; at least 50 for each of the 4-courses)
  • Face-to-Face: requires submitting 1-paper for each course that applies the content of the course to your job. If you are not working you must to a research paper that applies the content of the course.


  1. What is the minimum score to pass and get the certificate?  

80% or a B on each of the four (4) exams is required.



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