FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) From Individual / Independent  Candidates

What Managers Need To Know

The following are answers to questions from individuals/people who are NOT part of a GIIM affiliate group

  1. Can I take the courses and pass the certificate/certification without being part of a GIIM group/affiliate (e.g., company, management associations, university, other organization)?


  • You would also be eligible to
    • receive the certifications described on our homepage
    • take asynchronoous online programs; see 6 below


  1. How much does it cost?


  1. What are the admissions requirements?


  1. What are the course requirements for the certificate?
  • Each course is 30-40 hours of class time, depending on the delivery model.


  • Each certificate/certification requires a passing grade; see 9 -11 below



  1. How long is the program?
  • If you are doing it asynchronously online, it is self-paced.
  • If you are doing it face-to-face or blended, it depends on the meeting schedule derived by the GIIM affiliate.


  1. Is it fully online? (Courses and exams?)
  • The asynchronous delivery model is completely online.




  1. Do I need to attend courses or can I just take the exam?
  • It is highly unlikely that you would pass the exams without first taking each of the courses (or perhaps the equivalent of the courses from a Master’s or Ph.D. Degree in Information Systems/Management; or experience as a CIO or management/business consultant); hence you would need to take the 4-courses prior to taking the exams (1-exam for each of the 4-courses).


  1. Are there ways I can prepare for the exam alone without going to courses?
  • See the response in 7 above. We are considering creating a certification exam preparation course.


  1. How many exams must I pass?  
  • There are four (4) exams; 1 exam for each of the 4 courses within the respective certificate.


  1. What type of examination is required?
  • The exam differs based on the delivery model:
    • Asynchronous online: multiple choice questions (200+ questions; at least 50 for each of the 4-courses)
    • Face-to-Face: requires submitting 1-paper for each course that applies the content of the course to your job. If you are not working you must to a research paper that applies the content of the course.


  1. What is the minimum score to pass and get the certificate?  
  • 80% or a B on each of the four (4) exams or papers is required.



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