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A significant set of IT benchmarking insights that provide organizations with a point of reference (domestic & global) for important business, technology, sourcing, social, and spending transformations.


Strategic Alignment Maturity Research

With the enduring economic uncertainties prevailing, and the dramatic changes across every industry being enabled/driven by IT, organizations around the globe are continuing to focus on leveraging IT to swiftly reduce expenses and, more recently, increase revenues. SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud), blockchain, AI, Robotics Process Automation technologies are clearly transforming the industry. While IT appears to be quite resilient with IT budgets, hiring, and salary increases on the rise, upon closer analysis these increases continue to evolve cautiously. This guarded trend has brought increased attention to reducing IT budgets through IT infrastructure spending (especially Cloud) and sourcing (especially offshore).

Since its inception in 1980, the Society for Information Management (SIM) survey has helped IT leaders understand important issues and trends. Dr. Luftman coordinated this initiative from 1999 - 2014. Since 2009, management associations from around the globe (including CIOnet) have participated. This annual global IT perspective, now directed by GIIM, presents the insights from over 2,650 organizations representing every major geography (North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Australia) and industry, including a look at the future role of IT.  


While the detailed results are published and presented around the globe, as well as deliberated on our LinkedIn discussion group (The Future Role of IT), a slide set and papers with the major results is available via the links at the bottom of this screen.



The following are the top 5 “headlines” from this years important research:


1. Intensifying Business Attentiveness To IT:

  • Security & Data
  • Cost Reduction & Control, and Generating Revenue


2. Budgets, Hiring, Salaries Increasing, Albeit Cautiously


3. Allocation of IT Spending/Budget Trend 

  •  More on Cloud
  •  Less on  People


4. The Role of the CIO and Other IT Leaders Is Evolving


5. IT Business Alignment Remains Essential


Business-IT Alignment Maturity


IT is reshaping global markets while reshaping itself as IT becomes the business

The Future of IT

Many IT and non-IT organizations are like the  proverbial frog in the pot of water that is ready to boil; they are not anticipating the changes taking place all around them.


The purpose of our annual IT trends research is to communicate these important changes.  Are we seeing the end of the CIO as we have known it?  We are clearly seeing the role of the CIO and the overall IT organization experiencing a significant transformation.  It is those organizations and individuals who are best prepared that will prosper in these exciting times. 




In this video Global Institute for IT Management founder and professor, Jerry Luftman Ph.D., discusses the emerging IT trends that are happening globally.


Available Global IT Trends Papers/Presentations to Download

2018-19 Global IT Trends Summary Paper


2018-19 Global IT Trends Presentation



2017-18 CIO Global Trends Paper



European IT Trends Paper



Global IT Trends Paper




The Future Role of IT

If you are interested in discussions on the future of IT (and not already part of it), search for the LinkedIn group Future Role of IT or click the picture on the right. 



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