Jerry Luftman, Ph.D.

GIIMs Founder, Managing Director, & Professor

International Authority on IT-Business Alignment and IT Trends

GIIM Objective

  "To become a leader, what have you done to inspire the people that you are associated with to want to listen to you?"


"You can be the best technologist in the world, but if you cannot effectively convey how to leverage technology and lead initiatives that deploy the technology, it just doesn’t matter. The big salaries go to those who can collaborate with non-IT executives in leveraging technology to provide demonstrable business value.”


"Transformation is inevitable, and meant to be difficult and likely discomforting, perhaps even painful."


Jerry Luftman’s experience combines the strengths of CIO/practitioner, consultant, and academic. His proficiency in business-IT alignment and IT trends, eighteen books, published research, consulting, mentoring, and teaching/speaking engagements exemplify Dr. Luftman’s expertise and leadership.

Business-IT Alignment Maturity

After a distinguished twenty-two year career with IBM, he had an exemplary career for about twenty years as Professor, Founder and Associate Dean of the Stevens Institute of Technology Information Systems Programs (one of the largest in the world).  Driven by the strong demand for a global executive education program focusing on managing information technology, Dr. Luftman has leveraged his experience as a CIO, IT management consultant, and leading academic, with his strong network of prominent IT practitioners and academics, to provide a valuable and innovative initiative via the Global Institute for IT Management.


Dr Luftman's project experience ranges from senior management issues through tactical implementation.  Dr. Luftman most recently pioneered the vehicle for assessing the maturity of IT-business alignment, where he has a benchmark repository of over one-third of the Global 1,000 companies.  He also serves on the Executive Board of several companies, associations, and publications.

Global IT Trends

Dr. Luftman’s last responsibility at IBM, after being a CIO, was a prominent speaker at IBMs Customer Executive Conference Center in Palisades, N.Y. While responsible for management research, he played a significant role in defining and introducing the IT Strategy and Planning, and Business Process Re-engineering practice methods for the IBM Management Consulting Group. His framework for applying the strategic alignment model is fundamental in helping clients understand, define, and scope the appropriate strategic planning approach to pursue.  Dr. Luftman’s annual global IT trends research, sponsored by several CIO associations and universities, is recognized internationally as an industry barometer.



Imperative for IT Management Education
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