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After successful completion of this program, candidates will also receive ICCP Certification!!!


Global IT Trends Research

Organizations, regardless of their size, cannot function without IT enabling/driving every activity, from traditional back-office systems to strategic services that interact with customers and external partners. Accordingly, our global IT trends research demonstrates that there is strong demand for IT professionals (with service providers and commercial organizations) prepared to provide support in developing new services, troubleshooting problems, performing maintenance & help desk support, and keeping systems running efficiently & effectively. This dynamic environment is driving three very different technical career opportunities, addressed by the GIIM Certificates described below.


The first career opportunity (Certificate 1 below)  is for individuals new to IT.  These are candidates that have experience in other areas (e.g., another part of the business, job change, returning veterans) that are looking to take advantage of the strong demand for IT professionals.


The second career opportunity (Certificate 2 below) is for experienced IT candidates that have been asked to support IT services that were created and supported by retiring employees.  While many of these technologies have been with us for decades, these legacy systems continue to play a fundamental role in the future of organizations around the globe that require a large number of qualified specialists. 66% of CIOs say that the impending retirement of mainframe experts will hurt their business and their ability to support legacy applications (Compuware 2014).


The third career opportunity (Certificates 3 - 7 below) is for experienced candidates being asked to support popular new technologies.   


These three in demand groups of candidates’ require programs that are flexible and immediately actionable.   The courses are usually taken as a group of four courses to obtain a Certificate, but can also be taken individually based on an organizations objective and the candidates’ experience. These three certificates are for candidates ready to go back to school to acquire the expertise necessary to immediately qualify for the large number of available technical jobs and an exciting future in information technology.




1. IT Technical Training Certificate Courses   


(select 4)               


TARGET AUDIENCE: candidates new to IT that have experience in other areas (e.g., another part of the business, job change, returning veterans) that are looking to take advantage of the strong demand for IT professionals.

Programs are designed to ensure that candidates have the skills necessary to prepare for the IT career that awaits them.  For someone new to IT the program model will consist of:


     1. Programming

     2. Database

     3. Project Management/Software Engineering

     4. Business Fundamentals/Managing IT Resources



IT Career/Focus Areas

Examples of Brands Covered


Adobe                            Android                          Apple                            Avaya        

AWS                              Cisco                             Citrix                             Cloudera    

CompTIA                       Docker                           EMC                             Google

HDI                                IBM                                (ISC)²                            ITIL®          Juniper                          Microsoft                        Nutanix                         Oracle         Palo Alto Networks        PMI                                Python                          QuickBooks Red Hat                         Salesforce                      SAP                              SAS SharePoint                     Veeam                           VMware


2. IT Legacy Systems Support Certificate Courses 


(select 4)

What Managers Need To Know

Experienced IT candidates that have been asked to support IT services that were created and supported by retiring employees.

Management Competencies


  • Strategic Legacy Database Management

  • CICS

  • IMS

  • Analysis & Development of IS Services/Applications

  • Strategic Legacy Enterprise Architecture


What Managers Need To Know

3. Experienced IT candidates that have been asked to support popular / new technologies should consider the following:

Management Competencies


Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate (1 above)

Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate (1 above)

Would receive the IT Technical Training Certificate (1 above)


Promoting Returning Veterans 


A complete “Welcome Back” initiative to help our returning veterans find a meaningful career at home

32 IT Management Certificates


Promoting Returning Veterans (PRV) is an initiative to support and promote returning veterans to transition seamlessly into a career in Information Technology. We provide a comprehensive set of services including, screening, mentoring, educating, and job placement.  Few organizations provide the complete set of support initiatives required by returning veterans.

32 IT Management Certificates

To help returning U.S. veterans prepare for careers in IT, GIIM is collaborating with IT recruiting, mentoring, and services companies.  This collaboration facilitates the entire IT career preparation value chain; from identifying candidates, through training/educating and placing them in previously identified rewarding jobs.

The Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) assist returning war veterans (and others) to prepare and obtain meaningful and rewarding IT careers as they assimilate back into corporate America. The objective is to provide a complete set of support services that help returning war veterans establish an exciting career in information systems. 


PRV prepares candidates for previously identified IT job opportunites. We have developed a complete set of initiatives to help qualify, educate, match opportunities, and place skilled IT professionals in finding work with an outstanding future.


The four step process provides:


1. Qualification

Are you having difficulty translating military skills and expertise into today’s growing business information systems environment?  


There may be a gap in the skills you have and the skills you need, to establish the career path you desire with the expertise your employer demands.  You may not be using the key words that businesses currently use to describe the skills that you already have.   We can help clarify those skills, identify any skills-gaps and give you a clear path forward to career success.  We will guide you in filling out your free, private Professional Qualification Profile and support from experienced mentors.


2. Opportunity

Do you need free and private access to new job opportunities that fit your skills and qualifications?


We will privately match your skills and expertise with employers that are actively looking for people with your skills. Before you begin, a job opportunity has already been identified.  By understanding the needs/gap between the candidate and the job opportunity, GIIM will provide the requisite education.  There is no cost for vets.


3. Education

Do you need to sharpen or expand your skills to be more marketable in the private sector? 


The Global Institute for IT Management (GIobalIIM.com)  provides you with  a comprehensive set of 32 information systems certificates that will prepare you for entry level to executive level careers.  We help you get that additional experience that you need (see 1 above) and that opportunity that you deserve. GIIM helps prepare you for high-paying jobs that are in demand now and in the future.  While some costs are associated with GIIM certification programs, they have been approved for use with the GI educational benefits programs.



4. Placement

Do you want to work in IT in the U.S.? 


Our IT services partners will have the job identified prior to the start of your education.   A wide variety of IT skills are in demand to meet the evolving demands for these careers.  Organizations need IT professionals  with the appropriate set of skills NOW and in the Future.



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