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With the global business environment, organizations, and technology continuing to experience dramatic transformation at an accelerated pace, the role of IT has become increasingly more complex and challenging across every industry. It has become fundamental for IT to understand all aspects of their industry. At the same time it is fundamental for business executives to understand how to leverage IT across their company.


The purpose of these industry specific certificates is to ensure participants (IT and non-IT; often together to help build an IT-business strategy) understand the current and emerging opportunities to leverage IT in their respective industry.



The template/model for the 4-course certificate within each industry certificate is:

  1. Industry IT: Evolution, Trends, & Management Practices
  2. Front-Office Processes & Applications: External Value Chain (e.g., Customer/Client/Patient & Partner Facing Marketing/Sales, Services, Supply Chain)
  3. Back Office Processes & Applications: Internal Value Chain (e.g., Administrative Processes, Process Improvement)
  4. Research & Development Processes and Applications (innovation, new product/service life cycle, knowledge sharing, exchanges, collaboration)

Understanding emerging information technologies and their impact on industry, and the roles and responsibilities of IT and non-IT stakeholders in leveraging these emerging technologies in light of the digital transformation will be at the heart of all of the courses. 




Click on the pictures to see the description of the industry certificates and courses:

IT in Financial Services

IT in Pharma

IT in Healthcare

IT in Manufacturing

& Engineering

IT in Telecommunications

IT in Government

IT in Hospitality

IT in Transportation

IT in Petroleum



IT in Marketing for the:

  • IT Professional
  • Non-IT Professional



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