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The trend towards services is increasing in virtually all countries. We all live in a service economy and a digital economy that are driving entirely new platforms for the delivery of new services, and disrupting more traditional forms. The next wave of innovation is arriving: cognitive computing (often referred to as robotics process automation), the application of artificial intelligence in machines that can learn and emote, and will augment human capabilities in ways we have not yet imagined, yet will soon experience.


This course focuses on how organizations can transition to be more service-centric rather than product or IT centric.  Participants will learn how to help their organization define, select, and adopt new service offerings through a strategic framework that will enable them to discover innovative opportunities. The course objectives include:

  • understand and apply Service Thinking concepts and language
  • understand the role of the co-creating the customer experience in Service Thinking
  • understand techniques for service improvement
  • be able to take your organizations problems/opportunities and develop new ideas and solutions that you can apply
  • recognize the importance of integrating the emerging technologies supporting these initiatives

Service Thinking is the set of principles, methods, and tools for the application of science, management, and engineering principles to services - tasks that the organization performs for others. Service Thinking guides the transition of the organization that occurs when the business focus is on the customer’s experience. Service Thinking addresses questions such as how to:

  • develop and improve co-creation with customers and become “an intelligent listener”.
  • recognize design gaps in the service systems of the industry that can provide innovative opportunities.
  • leverage the core competencies of the organization for services transformation.
  • build a service offering that integrates specialists who can improve the end-to-end customer experience for efficient excellence.
  • use application platform integration to create a Global Mobile and Social System that can exponentially grow the business at reduced costs.
  • balance scarce resources for running, transforming and innovating your business as a standard operational procedure for continuous improvement.
  • develop metrics that can validate the customer and employee experience to better gauge the effectiveness of the initiatives than simple transactional measures.
  • improve your career prospects through developing competence in Service Thinking.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive certificates of completion for Service Thinking issued by GIIM and ISSIP, a professional association co-founded by IBM, Cisco, HP and several Universities.  For more information click on the ISSIP icon above.




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