What Managers Need To Know
  • A live/synchronous online teaching and coaching experience.  This program is intended for executives who are interested in progressing beyond the traditional leadership approaches for moving their organization innovatively forward as they prepare for the dynamic business and technical environment that we are all facing.  Candidates, while already experiencing success, typically have an urgent desire for even better business and personal results.  The MBL approach was designed to meet these objectives through the development of candidates’ leadership and emotional intelligence capabilities.


  • Program & Features:

          - Twenty 1 hour weekly teaching & coaching sessions

          - Live 24/7 coaching support

          - Materials & assignments provided

          - Ongoing action-results tracking & discussion

Management Competencies
  • Goes Beyond Traditional Leadership Programs:

 In addition to the one-on-one coaching sessions and support, the emphasis on emotional intelligence is fundamental. 


Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to accurately recognize and manage ones feelings, sentiments, reactions, and passions.  The focus is on:


          - The awareness of our emotions

          - To positively direct our behavior

          - To pick up on the emotions of others and understand how best to respond

          - To use our emotions and the others’ emotions to effectively manage interactions

  • Candidate Benefits:

          - Executive Brand Development & Career Advancement

          - Revenue Growth & Market Share

          - Preparing IT & non-IT Professionals for Inspiring Change

          - Flow Leadership & High Performance Teams

          - Trusted Advisor Sales & Marketing Training

          - Greater Employee & Customer Engagement

          - Strengthened Trust Economy Networks




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