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We all spend much of our day improvising, but few of us actually know how to improvise. This program is designed to develop and enhance the all-important soft-skills necessary for success in today’s business environment. The essence of improvisation is about building trust, credibility, and meaningful relationships with colleagues under ever-changing circumstances. Through a low-pressure, full-immersion educational session, the participants will learn the principles and techniques of Improvisation and how to use them to enhance their creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.






Sample Learnings/Skills

  • Deepen relationships with others by increasing awareness of verbal and non-verbal cues
  • Become a more effective team player by focusing outward and on making others successful
  • Come up with creative solutions under difficult constraints
  • Become more comfortable with the unexpected and adapting to it
  • Internalize the principles of Improv and apply them instinctively and situational


Sample Improvisation Session Outline

  • Improv and Its Value in the Workplace
  • Exercises
  • Summary of Improv Principles & How to Apply Them
  • Q&A


Learning Format

Attendees will participate in a series of Improv exercises and learn how to incorporate Improv principles and skills into their work and personal lives.


Workshop Logistics

Based on the developmental needs and goals of your group, we will craft a 1-day or 2-day workshop that will bring to life the core principles and techniques of improvisation in a fun, high-energy, low-pressure session.


  • 1-day session: Innovation, Collaboration, and Communication
  • 2-day session (spaced one-week to one-month apart):
    • Day 1: Collaboration, and Communication
    • Day 2: Innovation, Agility, and Resilience




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