What Sets Us Apart


Each of the 32 4-course certificates listed (with links for descriptions) below are:

  • comprised of four 40-hour courses delivered face-to-face, or online synchronously or asynchronously/blended.


  • focused on preparing IT and non-IT professionals for the digital transformation where more & more organizations are leveraging IT for revenue generating initiatives.


  • taught by an international team of over 300 prominent academics & executives, providing a balanced perspective with the appropriate combination of academic rigor and practical relevance from leading professors from multiple universities and expert practitioners.


  • available as certificates/certifications, workshops, seminars, and/or Master's Degrees.


  • adhering to leading international accreditation agency (e.g., AACSB, EFMD, AMBA, NSCHBC, NBA, ABET, Middle States Association) standards and expectations (e.g., European e-Competence Framework), and can be applied towards a Master's Degree.


  • flexible/scalable based on the target audience.


What Sets Us Apart



Click on one of the 32 underscored certificate names or pictures below to get the complete certificate & course descriptions.


Leadership in Business-IT Management Certificate



      2.  IT for the Non-IT Executive *

           (modified version of Foundation Certificate)


      3. Managing IT Vendors & Outsourcing

          (also for non-IT)


      4. Business-IT Management Consulting *


      5. Business Process Management


      6. Supply Chain Management


      7. Legal Issues in IT


      8. IT Human Resource Considerations

Executive Certificates



      9.  Finance


     10. Pharmaceutical


     11. Healthcare


     12. Manufacturing & Engineering


     13. Telecommunications


     14. Government


     15. Hospitality


     16. Petroleum


     17. Transportation


           Retail (under development)    



           (see General Management Certificates, 30 & 31, 


IT in Industry Certificates


Technical Leadership Certificates

NOTE FOR 18 & 19, DATA CONCENTRATIONS INCLUDE: Analytics, Textual Analytics, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Robotics Process Automation, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management



     27. Technical Training


     28. Legacy Systems

IT Career Change Certificates


General Management Certificates



University Affiliates



Faculty Affiliations

In addition to the 32 GIIM Certificates (130+ courses), accredited Master’s Degrees, & Executive Seminars, candidates will be primed for certifications including PMI, CISSP, CGEIT, CMMP, ITIL, Scrum, Cloud, Oracle, SAP.  


For many GIIM programs (indicated by a * above) candidates will automatically qualify for an independent, globally recognized, and rigorously evaluated certification; hence they would receive both the GIIM Certificate and one of the following certifications: 

Master's Degree candidates would receive a certificate, certification, and their Master's Degree.




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