New competition, shorter product life cycles, cost pressures, and new and converging technologies create an increased demand for professionals who can effectively lead, manage, and deliver information and communication technology (ICT) systems.


This certificate is designed for communications industry professionals looking for advanced technical knowledge of applied telecommunications integrated with a solid grounding in business management. It addresses the demanding requirements of the global communications industry, businesses, and government for technical expertise combined with business skills. The certificate prepares candidates to plan, implement, and manage leading edge communications capabilities. The goal of this candidate is to become a technical business and management professional responsible for planning communications products and services; for leading the resources required to implement the plan, including people, product, networks, and systems, and for the decisions and budgeting for development, acquisition, installation, and maintenance of products and services.


The four courses for this certificate are:


1. Telecommunication Industry IT: Evolution, Trends, & Management Practices, including changes in technology and their application/use, and regulations.

2. Front-Office Processes & Applications: External Value Chain (e.g.,

             Customer-Client-Patient & Partner Facing Marketing/Sales, Services,

             Supply Chain)


3. Back Office Processes & Applications: Internal Value Chain (e.g.,

             Administrative Processes, Process Improvement)


4. Research & Development Processes and Applications: innovation, new 

             product/service life cycle, knowledge sharing, exchanges, collaboration,

             3G, 4G and beyond



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